Sunday, October 16, 2011

Katelyn's Arrival Announcements

I was so excited to make PINK {birth} announcements! Woohoo!

Katelyn is obviously not a baby, but I still felt she should have an announcement! After designing the card and buying all the supplies, I quickly changed my plan from mailing them to my "Christmas Card list" over over 100 people, to about a dozen immediate family (and one cousin) who would put them on the fridge or something! I apologize to all my friends who didn't get one. It's nothing personal, I really just made them for my sisters/brother, mom, mother in law, sister in laws, and Brian's grandparents. That's it! Oh, and Cousin Patty because she thinks she is my sister. LOL.

I hope you like them! I think they turned out super cute!!!

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