Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Scrapbooking ROOM!!!

The hardest part about scrapbooking is finding the location in which to do it! (and the time, of course). So many of us put it off because we don't want to drag out all the stuff and lay it out across our dining room table, or whatever. When we lived in Korea, we had an extra large laundry room. I bought a large folding table and arranged some shelves, and I had my very own scrapbooking "area". It was great. I could go in there after the boys were asleep and get page after page done, and no mess to ever clean up! I could just leave everything on the table, knowing that it wasn't in anyone's way.

Well, after moving back to the states...I found myself with an extra bedroom...hum, what to do with it? SCRAPBOOK ROOM! I cleared it with Brian and started getting some stuff together to make it look cute. Paper trays, embellishment jars, shelves, ribbon rack, two 6-feet tables, lamps, a big 12x12 8-cubby shelving unit, a small dresser unit, and a few other things. I had some fun big-dot material from Happy Quit in Korea that made the perfect curtains for the room! I even made basket liners with the extra material. And I topped it off with some big letters from Hobby lobby that spell "Scrapbook"! FUN!

And no Scrapbook room is complete without a train table to entertain the boys so Mommy can get some work done!!!