Saturday, November 20, 2010

340 Cards for Operation Write Home!

Time for a SHOUT OUT to all the ladies that helped me out this morning. We made 340 cards for Operation Write Home in 3 hours! Woohoo! Special thanks to a few of you that also came over to my house earlier this week to prep the stamping and cutting part. Marla, Robin, Jenna, and "prep" ladies! And thanks to Dailah, Hannah, Hannah (2), Robin, Marla, Laura, Wendy (and your two daughters!), Sherette and Rebecca, Penny, Merle, and I think I might be forgetting one or two others who were there but I can't remember the names!

Everyone's help was much appreciated! I can't wait to do it again!

The box, ready to be mailed off! Total of 384 cards to be shipped...340 from today, 32 I had made at home this week, and 12 from Michelle.

Thanks to ALL of you!!! Our troops LOVE these cards!


  1. Hi Amanda, how are you all doing? I see you are keeping busy! WOW! Great job ladies! :)

  2. Had fun doing it, but who's Rebecca? Not sure I met her?

  3. Amanda, it's great to see the participation! Great job!