Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Card Making Workshop!

Add up all the cards you send each year, from Birthday Cards, Happy Anniversary Cards, Thank You Cards, etc....10? 15? 20 cards? Do you go to Hallmark last minute and buy a card for $3.49? That can add up, not to mention it can be time consuming making many trips throughout the year to buy one card each time. Get a head start this year! Make a handful of cards at ONE 2-hour workshop! You can make them say WHATEVER you want! I have stamps for every occasion!

Make 5 cards for $5! That's a buck a card! or, make 9 cards and get the 10th free! That's only 90 cents each! All cards come with envelopes and I provide all the supplies (paper, cardstock, stamps, ink, adhesive, ribbon).

Where: My house!
When: Thursday, 11 February
Time: 7 PM - 9 PM (ish)

Please RSVP with a blog comment, or by e-mail at

Hope to see you soon!


  1. Wish I could come, but I'm already getting a sitter twice that week for other stuff and it's too late to bring my kids with me!

  2. I want to have a card making night when stace and I come to visit!!