Friday, January 22, 2010

Stampin' Christmas Cards

I made my Christmas Cards this year! Yup, all 100 of them! It was rather easy, and about the same cost as ordering the 45 cent 4x8 photo cards from Snapfish. Well, same cost if you don't count my HOURS of free labor, haha! I think they were more personable this way and a better texture for sure, with the ribbon and textured cardstock. Here is a picture of my creation!

And sticking to my accountant background, here is the cost based accounting (cost per item made).
Black Cardstock = $10.50 for 60 sheets = 8.75 cents per 4x8
Ribbon = $5.00 for 5 spools = 5 cents each
Photo = 80 were 10 cents each, and 20 were 15 cents each = averages 11 cents each
Adhesive = 2 rolls @ 2.49 = 5 cents each
Envelopes = $9 for 100 = 9 cents each
White Cardstock = 5 sheets @ 50 cents = 2.5 cents each
Stamps and ink = sunk cost = already had them and didn't exhaust supply
Grand total per card = 41.25 cents! Woohoo! Cheaper than the 45 cent prints from Snapfish! And cuter, too!


  1. I thought your cards were so pretty! I want to do the same type of card next year!

  2. I loved your card Amanda! It was adorable. I made 20 non-photo Christmas cards this year with the Jingle paper packet. I ordered 20 photo cards from Shutterfly. I had so much fun stamping and making the cards that I really wish I had gone ahead and made all of them. I'm totally doing that next year. Especially if it's so cheap! I spent way too much at Shutterfly.